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5G Promotes the Upgrading of Traditional Industries and New Smart Digital Life

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2020-11-26 16:01:04| Author: Long Yun,Lu Zijian

On November 25th, "5G and Digital Life New Consumption" of 2020 World 5G Convention was held in Guangzhou. Top scientists, entrepreneurs and technical experts in 5G from all over the world gathered together to discussed a series of topics related to 5G,digital lifestyles and consumer behaviors: digital lifestyles lead to new changes in consumer demand, exploring future digital lifestyles, predicting future changes in consumer motivations and behaviors.

Ma Longlong, Chairman of Commerce Economy Association of China, pointed out that 5G technology empowers transformation and upgrading in various fields, and boosts economic development worldwide with digital services. With the further development of 5G, it will extend from commercial use to civil use. 5G is playing an increasing role in different application scenarios, which will lead to the future changes of consumers in digital living conditions, as well as the changes of consumption structure.

Zhang Zhigang,Former Deputy Director of the Committee for Economic Affairs of National Committee of CPPCC, former Vice Minister of Commerce of China said that the new era calls for new form of consumption and he specifically mentioned to show high respect to the pioneers in 5G development.

Wang Lizong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Of Guangdong Province, emphasized that intangible data is more important than tangible assets due to the reason that in the age of data and Internet, merchants can understand demand, customers, market and finally grasp the market by utilizing data. At the same time, data serve as the tool to find problems, identify problems and solve them. Thirdly, data is the most valuable factor of production and the strong competitive advantage.

Wan Junhua, President of Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Yuewang Group pointed out that facing the future, the new development situation and the coming digital economic transformation, traditional agriculture should also embrace 5G and adapt to the changes brought about by 5G.

In the keynote speech, 10 top economists, scientists, entrepreneurs and technical experts from around the world held in-depth academic discussions and delivered keynote speeches on the application and development of 5G construction in new consumption.

Chen Wenling, a famous economist and Chief economist of China International Economic Exchange Center, delivered a speech entitled "China's 5G Breakthrough and Commercial Development under the New Environment".

Li Zhi, Vice-Chairman of the Commerce Economy Association of China, released China’s Business Index for the first time to the whole country. The index shows that China has made great achievements in fighting against COVID-19, restoring consumption and boosting production.

Finally, Liu Puhe, Director of Consumer Research Institute of Commerce Economy Association of China, issued a proposal on urban consumption planning. He also called on 5G to promote the continuous evolution of commerce, consumption and lifestyle.

In this forum, all guests exchanged views on the driving role of 5G in new economic formats and its leading role in the new development pattern whereby domestic and foreign markets boost each other. And the forum also highlighted that 5G promotes the upgrading of traditional industries and new smart digital life.


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