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Meeting With Chinese and Foreign Experts:Learning Digital Economy Issues in 5G Era 
2020 World 5G Convention· Digital Economy Led by 5G and Sustainable Development Forum was held in Guang Zhou

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2020-11-27 11:05:01| Author: Zhang Jiaxin ,Yu Haoyuan & Zhou Weihai

IMAGE:From 2020 World 5G Convention

Digital Economy Led by 5G and Sustainable Development Forum”,a sub-forum of the 5G world Convention was held on the afternoon of November 26. Government officials,industry leaders, experts and scholars from China and foreign countries discussed the digital economy and sustainable development in the 5G era from different perspectives. They focused on a historical proposition of “how to improve the global governance system, build a community of Shared future for mankind, and achieve common development of the world economy” with the help of the development of digital economy.

After the meeting, the invited experts and scholars have reached a consensus: 5G serves as crucial support for the digital transformation and provides a brand new critical infrastructure for the digital economy. The new development of the digital economy led by 5G provides new solutions to "social pain spots" including environmental governance, resource consumption, the polarization of wealth and uneven development, and launches new rigid demands and injects new vitality into economic development.

The digital economy is the trend, and 5G has become a key engine for new infrastructure, said Liu Jinlong, Vice President of ZTE Company. As he introduced, in the past 30 years, the scale of China's ICT industry has expanded 340 times. According to 2018's statistics, the proportion of the digital economy in GDP has reached 34.8 percent.

When talking about the important impact of 5G on the global economy, Alex Rogers, Executive Vice President and President of Qualcomm Technology Licensing, gave his answer to the public: 5G is not only a part of the Internet, but also the future of the Internet. 5G promises to promote digital transformation and subversive innovation in every industry. From automobiles, energy to health care, 5G enables an innovation cycle, opening up new commercial models, new services, and new ways to communicate and interact with customers. What's more, 5G will also help create new industries and services beyond imagination.

"Digital technology is changing the way of production and operation of enterprises, government governance and the way of life of residents," said Xu Xianchun, former Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, and Expert on Digital Economy Calculations. "It is predictably that with the gradual improvement of national policies and the continuous improvement of digital technology, the digital economy will maintain a strong momentum of development, the integration of digital technology and the real economy will be deepened continuously, and the role of data assets in enterprise production and operation and government governance will be enhanced day by day."

During the forum, experts and scholars also put forward opinions from various angles on the support needed to develop a digital economy driven by 5G.

Rong Chunming, Academician of Norwegian Academy of Engineering, pointed out that the combination of ARTIFICIAL intelligence and 5G technology cannot be achieved without data. The distributed storage feature of the block-chain makes it possible for us to obtain data more conveniently. At present, under the condition of network sharing and computing, in order to give full play to the function of data, researchers are trying to combine edge computing and cloud computing intelligently through block-chain to realize automatic computing.

Chen Yubo, Secretary of the CPC Committee, Associate Dean, and Professor of School of Economics and Management, and Director of Center for Internet Development and Governance, Tsinghua University, pointed out that digital talent is the driving force of China's economic digital transformation.

Che Haiping, Senior Vice President Chief Digital Transformation Officer of huawei, believes that the digital economy's core is the knowledge economy. He said: "The digitization of the industry leads the new industry cycle, the digitization of knowledge promotes the upgrading of productivity."

Gong Ke, President of World Federation of Engineering Organizations, Executive Director of Chinese Institute of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, set out his vision for the future, hoping that the digital economy's development will provide a broader application scenario and development space for 5G.

At the end of the forum, "A Research Report on the Development of Digital Economy in China(2020)" was released by Liu Gang, Chief Economist of Chinese Institute of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies. Liu indicated: "5G is a new engine for the development of the digital economy. The development of China's digital economy has multiple dynamic mechanisms. In the future, the upgrading of the consumption Internet will promote the structural reform of the domestic production-consumption cycle, the development of the industrial Internet and the creation of new production modes."


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