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China publishes standards for COVID-19 testing labs

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-03-29 14:43:04| Author: Yang Xue & China.org


China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) issued China's first general technical specifications for Fangcang shelter nucleic acid testing labs (standard number T/CIQA 16-2021) and mobile nucleic acid testing labs (Standard number T/CIQA 17-2021) on March 22.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the fast-established Fangcang shelter and mobile testing labs played an important role in improving nucleic acid testing capabilities, expanding testing coverage, and facilitating epidemic prevention and control. The Fangcang shelter lab can guarantee the normal implementation of nucleic acid testing under extreme weather of above 40 degrees Celsius or below minus 50 degrees Celsius, becoming an important measure for epidemic prevention and control in China.

Until this announcement, there were no standards for Fangcang shelter labs in China. The issuance of the above two standards provides a basis for the design and manufacturing of Fangcang shelter and mobile testing labs, and fills the gaps in such lab standards. It has great significance on standardized production and the application of the labs. It is also helpful for exporting China's epidemic prevention equipment and for making contribution to the control of the global epidemic.

"The promulgation of the standard regulates the definition and quality of products in the nucleic acid testing lab market," said Chi Haipeng, one of the main drafters of the standard and Secretary General of the Laboratory Design and Construction Standards Committee under the CIQA. He said that standardized production will facilitate mass production and acceptance, meet China's urgent need for nucleic acid testing capabilities, and guarantee the quality of each Fangcang shelter lab.

(You can also read it at: http://www.china.org.cn/china/2021-03/29/content_77357240.htm

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