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Integration of 5G and Industry Innovation Helps Achieve the "Double Carbon" Goal

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-09-07 10:37:14| Author: BI Weizi

By BI Weizi

BEIJING, Sep 6 (S&T Daily) According to 5G & Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum, a sub-forum of 2021 World 5G Convention, which just closed on September 1, advanced information and communication technologies represented by 5G have broad application prospects in the field of energy Internet.

These technologies also develop mutually supportive relationships with renewable energy, new energy vehicles, advanced energy storage technology and energy transmission interconnection.In this way the transition to green and low-carbon system in the field of energy and power can be promoted, thus contributing to peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

All participants reached a consensus that the combination of advanced energy technology, energy Internet and 5G technology, and the deep integration of information network and energy network will effectively promote the efficient use of energy and the application of information and communication technology, transform the traditional power grid into an energy information hub, and create a new industry featuring energy and information sharing, mutual assistance, integration and innovation.

"Power system transformation is the core of energy transformation," said Tang Guangfu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Global Energy Internet Research Institute, in order to achieve the requirements of clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy development, "We must increase the supply and consumption of green and clean energy. "

For the challenges and problems facing the power system in this transformation, Tang Guangfu believes that, in addition to improving the level of new energy consumption, strengthening the grid's flexible regulation capacity and promoting the interaction between supply and demand of multiple users, it is also necessary to strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure capabilities and improve the level of grid information.

According to Gao Kunlun, vice president of the Global Energy Internet Research Institute, 5G plays a pivotal role as the base of a digital society, digital and energy infrastructure. The digital technology featuring 5G is a fundamental and critical boost to the development of the grid.

Nearly 90% of the country's carbon emissions originate from fossil energy, half of which is used for power generation, he added, "to truly achieve the goal of “double carbon”, energy should be the main battlefield, and electricity is the main force."

Digital technologies should be employed to promote the grid network' transformation into an energy internet, and build a new power system based on digital technologies, said Sun Zhengyun, vice-chairman of the China Energy Research Society.

More than 1,500 industry experts and business leaders from 20 countries and 13 academicians participated in the conference online and offline, and some shared their insights on a range of topics, including 5G-enabled energy internet, 5G and renewable energy, energy storage and conversion, and the demand and trend of 5G base stations for new energy.

Editor:LU Zijian

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