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Unmanned First Aid Device Invented to Save Lives

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2023-01-12 11:05:29 | Author: Staff Reporters

Schematic and characterization of UAV-mediated first aid system for drug delivery. (PHOTO: SCREENSHOT)

By Staff Reporters

While it is obviously urgent and critical to give medical treatment to patients in emergencies, they often suffer further severe injuries or even die because of delayed delivery of first-aid medication, and the potential absence of trained personnel to administer the medication.

To deal with this challenge, researchers from Zhejiang University (ZJU) have developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-mediated first aid system for targeted delivery (uFAST).

The uFAST consists of three parts: the UAV, the contact-triggered microneedle applicator (CTMA), and the microneedle (MN) patch containing emergency therapeutics.

The UAV can be activated by an emergency signal with the location information from the patients. The UAV could then be sent to the patient immediately, based on an online calculated route which avoids obstacles.

When the UAV reaches the patient, it hovers at an appropriate height and subsequently releases the CTMA to apply the drug-loaded microneedle into the skin for emergency care.

The MN patch is fixed at the bottom of CTMA. The springs embedded in the CTMA eject the MN patch while adjusting and providing sufficient force to press the skin to fit the patch, then inserting microneedles upon contact with the skin of the patients.

The research team has demonstrated that the uFAST can effectively reduce the risk of severe hypoglycemia and push it up to the normal range in hypoglycemic piglet experiments.

Editor: 汤哲枭

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