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Smart Bio-robotic Tech Empowers Interventional Surgical Equipment

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2023-01-12 11:29:32 | Author: TANG Zhexiao

The sample of uAngio960 , a digital subtraction angiography which integrates leading innovative technologies. (PHOTO: UNITED IMAGING CORPORATION)

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Developed by United Imaging corporation, uAngio960, a bionic minimally invasive interventional surgical system, is an upgraded digital subtraction angiography that integrates leading innovative technologies such as AI, digital twins (a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a real-world physical object), and multi-modal fusion.

The uAngio960 is equipped with three bionic bodies, empowering the surgical device "smart brain" through algorithms and integration of artificial intelligence.

For example, in the interventional treatment of brain aneurysms which is a bulge or ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain, the system can draw precise surgical plans automatically, assist doctors in obtaining high-definition images, and find the hidden aneurysms accurately.

When the patient is lying on the operating table, three sets of cameras configured by the surgical system will capture the patient's body shape and posture information in real-time, and transfer the data to the doctor's operating interface via digital twins technology, significantly reducing operation steps.

The researchers said doctors used to spend one-third of their time operating the surgical device, but this system can reduce the time to one-tenth or even less of the previous time. This helps doctors focus more on the surgery itself.

In the future, uAngio960 will be deeply integrated with more products to form a digital and intelligent multi-mode imaging operating room, opening up new scenarios for brain aneurysms diagnosis and treatment.

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