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R Visa Holds Many Benefits for Foreign Experts: Apply Now!

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-07-22 10:03:54| Author: Staff Reporters

By Staff Reporters

What is an R Visa?

An R Visa, i.e. talent visa, one of various Chinese visas, is specially designed for high level foreign talented personnel in short supply and who are needed for Chinese social and economic development.

Who can apply for an R Visa?

An R Visa is issued to high level foreign talented personnel including scientists, leading experts in the sci-tech field, international entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals in line with requirements for urgently needed experts in high-grade, advanced & cutting-edge technology and market demand.

To get an R Visa, foreign applicants should meet the conditions of High Level Foreign Experts (HLFEs) (Category A) according to the Evaluation Criteria for Foreigners Working in China (Trial).

What are the benefits of an R Visa?

(1) The longest validity term: The visa is valid for 5-10 years and allows multiple entries.

(2) The longer duration of stay: Qualified applicants may stay for 180 days at most within each validity term, which allows the longer period of stay for each entry among all kinds of visas.

(3) The most favorable visa treatment: Spouses and minor children of foreign experts can apply for corresponding multiple-entry visas with the same validity term.

(4) Convenient application: For those who meet the requirements of HLFEs, the foreign work management department of the provincial people's government will issue the Confirmation Letter of HLFEs to the domestic inviting units online within 5 working days, foreigners who apply for a talent visa with the "Confirmation letter for HLFEs" can complete the visa within 2 working days at the soonest.

The visa authorities stationed abroad can apply for talent visas, and the visa fee and dispatch fee will be exempted.

How to apply for an R Visa?

(1) Online application for a Confirmation Letter for HLFEs:

The China's organization who invites the applicant submits an application for a Confirmation Letter for HLFEs online via the service system for foreigners working in China (https://fuwu.most.gov.cn/lhgzweb/).

(2) Review and approval by Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China:

Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (Provincial Science and Technology Department) will issue the Confirmation Letter for HLFEs within five working days to an applicant meeting related conditions.

(3)Application for an R Visa with a Confirmation Letter for HLFEs:

The applicant with the Confirmation Letter for HLFEs applies for an R Visa to a Chinese embassy/consulate abroad (refer to announcement of the Chinese embassy/consulate abroad for necessary application documents and requirements).

Editor:WEN Haoting

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