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Foreign Experts from Peking University Gain Insights into China's Development

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-07-29 13:17:25| Author: ZHU Jieyue and GAO Xingjian

By ZHU Jieyue and GAO Xingjian

On the morning of June 24, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) , organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, many foreign experts from Peking University were invited to visit the "Staying True to Our Founding Mission" exhibition that shows the history of the CPC.

Foreign experts from Peking University are visiting the Museum of the CPC.(PHOTO: Peking University)

The exhibition is at the Museum of the CPC. Within the exhibition, there are more than 2,600 photos and more than 3,500 cultural relics that celebrate one hundred years of development of the CPC.

Kee Pookong: "CPC has been pushing China and the world to develop."

Kee Pookong, an Australian professor from the School of International Studies, said, "With the lunar exploration of Chang'e-5, the deep diving of Fendouzhe, and Shenzhou-12's success in sending Chinese taikonauts to its space station, the country has made impressive achievements in the fields of astronautics and deep sea studies, which has drawn worldwide attention. For decades, the world has witnessed remarkable changes taking place here. The CPC has been leading the Chinese people and pushing China and the world to develop."

Muhammad Younus: "China is achieving prosperity under the CPC's great leadership!"

Muhammad Younus, a Pakistani postdoctoral fellow from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, expressed his pleasure at seeing valuable images, historical records and cultural relics that show the history of the CPC. He also told his collegues about how he gazed at paintings of Chairman Mao Zedong and President Xi Jinping and reflected on how China has become more prosperous under the endeavor and leadership of all its outstanding leaders.

John Gates: "I have been witnessing China's reform and opening-up policy over the past four decades, and I am amazed that the CPC had created such miracles."

Jonn Gates, an American expert in the field of international relations, said he realized the hardship the CPC had encountered during the period of the Anti-Japanese War, and their spirit of hard work and fearlessness. Gates showed a particular interest for China's reform and opening-up. "I came here to study in 1983 and I have been working in China for several decades and experiencing the whole process of reform and opening-up. What I have seen clearly, is the growth of China's GDP in recent years. I felt deeply that the Chinese people are living a better life. It is the CPC that has created such great miracles in promoting rapid economic and social development and maintaining long-term and stable social development," he said.

Arthur Schipper: "China's timely and swift action in combating the pandemic shows the CPC's people-centered principle."

Arthur Schipper, a Dutch expert from the department of philosophy, said "The brilliant historical moments of the Communist Party of China are impressive. When looking at the exhibition of the return of Hong Kong, I couldn't help reminiscing about the scene of the handover ceremony I watched on TV. It was glorious and solemn. I could feel the efforts China had made for this, and the respect that China and the UK had for each other, which moved me greatly." Schipper said at the exhibition section of Chinese people combating COVID-19, he saw how the CPC and its leaders emphasized putting people's safety and good health first, and led people to combat the pandemic as a whole, showing a high degree of humanistic care, spirit of cooperation and collaboration, and extraordinary wisdom.

Choi Insook: "The achievements China has made in overcoming poverty are marvelous!"

Choi Insook, a Korean expert from School of Foreign Languages, said the exhibition provides a good opportunity to deepen their understanding about the CPC. Over the past 100 years, the CPC has always been putting the people first and focusing on improving people's livelihood. "I particularly noticed the statistics and charts of the poverty alleviation program at the exhibition. With such a large population, it seems impossible for China to eliminate poverty," said Choi. However, China accomplished overall poverty alleviation in 2020, she said, which is quite amazing, and other countries should learn from China's rich experience in ending poverty.

During the outbreak of the pandemic, foreign experts felt really warm and had been taken care of by their Chinese students and colleagues as well as by the Peking University. They would continue to deliver vivid and true stories of China to the world.

WEN Haoting also contributed to this article.


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