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Foreign Experts Experience Ningxia’s Beautiful Scenery and Rich History

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-08-05 10:36:16| Author: ZHAO Zhijin

By ZHAO Zhijin

The Ningxia Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (NAFEA) hosted a summer trip for foreign experts in Ningxia from July 21 to 23, Thirteen experts from eight countries, such as Ukraine, Canada, Japan and Kyrgyzstan, visited Zhongwei and Guyuan.

After visiting the Shapotou Scenic Spot and Desert Research and Experiment Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shigeki Hazumi, a Japanese engineer said, "Since there is no desert in Japan, I am really shocked to see this. I do not think the purpose of controlling desertification is to make the desert disappear completely. For example, Zhongwei has turned the desert into a tourist attraction. If there is no desert, then this place will lose its own characteristics. Therefore, the purpose of controlling desertification should be to make effective use of the desert. I have learned that researchers all over the world are coming here to study desertification prevention and control, which is necessary for global environmental improvement, especially climate change. We should prevent the continuous expansion of desertification and effectively curb soil erosion. I hope that scientists all over the world can work together in this regard."

When visiting the Monument of Red Army's Long March of Liupan Mountains, Baktygul Raimbekova, a Russian teacher from Kyrgyzstan, and her daughter put on Red Army's uniforms. She said that, "Today, I visited Liupan Mountains for the first time. The scenery is very beautiful and the people are very nice. I am very excited to know that such an important event in Chinese history took place in Ningxia. At the same time, we also wear the uniform to experience the great passion of that era."

When visiting the National Forest Park of Liupan Mountains in Ningxia, Yang Haikang, a Canadian Chinese expert, said affectionately, "Through this trip, I feel that my motherland has changed greatly in the past ten or twenty years. Although I am an Overseas Chinese, I am still very proud of that."

The summer trip was praised by foreign experts. They all agreed that they would introduce Ningxia to their relatives and friends. At the same time, they also welcomed more foreign friends to visit the area and enjoy the beautiful scenery and rich history.

Source: Science and Technology Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region


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