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Living in China, A Great Opportunity

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-10-14 12:49:30| Author: GOH Hui Hwang

Professor GOH Hui Hwang is visiting the Anthropology Museum of Guangxi with his wife. (PHOTO provided by the author)

By GOH Hui Hwang

My research's overall goal is to develop a set of smart data platforms for integrating renewable energy (RES), combined heat and power (CHP), demand side management (DSM), and other multiple supply and demand information so that users, power grids, and government agencies can make better use of electricity. It is also necessary to consider the electricity consumption of electric vehicles in order to demonstrate my research direction.

Harmonious academic climate in China

What impresses me most about my field of expertise is that a large amount of capital is being invested in China's scientific research environment. In addition, as China's economy continues to grow and outpace the rest of the world, more scientific and technological breakthroughs will be made in the country, and more world-class scientists will be produced by Chinese universities and research institutes. A natural trend will be for China's voice in the scientific research community to progressively grow stronger over time, and the Western-dominated science system has already begun to feel the effects of this rising tide. Following that, it is certain that more high-level publications will arise in China.

I believe that undertaking scientific research in China is more financially supported, that it is easier to establish a platform, and that the scientific research climate is more easygoing and harmonious than in other nations.

Sci-tech empowering daily life in China

Based on my experience living in China,I feel that new technologies here have improved my day-to-day life. For example, electronic payments and high-speed rail have made a significant difference in my personal and professional life. The impact of electronic payment can be seen in people's shopping and eating habits. Utility bills can be paid through mobile payment systems such as Alipay and WeChat Pay and money can be transferred to others. Electronic payment methods are also available in brick-and-mortar stores that are not online. Whenever I buy something, I can pay using my phone directly, which eliminates the need for me to carry my wallet around. Many take-out platforms now accept electronic payments, making it extremely convenient to order take-out right from anywhere.

Statistically, the time savings that I have observed as a result of the high-speed rail system can be quantified. High-speed rail allows me to save a substantial amount of time on every trip I take and with accessible WiFi on board it allows me to conveniently work from anywhere inside the country.

Working in China, a profound and helpful experience

With the development of China's economy, more and more ties with the rest of the globe are being established, from countries to individuals. China's economy, on the other hand, is heavily oriented toward exports, and corporations in sectors such as infrastructure, technology, high-speed rail, energy, and electronics are becoming increasingly active in international trade and investment activities. Internationalization will continue to increase, interaction will continue to deepen, and international affairs will continue to get more and more diverse as time progresses.

Through my professional experience in China, I've had the opportunity to witness the country's progress of China's involvement in international cooperation efforts. This has supplied me with a plethora of essential knowledge and expertise. In the future, the ability to understand the world from a global perspective will be critical for advancement. In the years since I began working in China, I've had the opportunity to see the process through which developing countries are getting more involved in international affairs, which has helped me to obtain a better understanding of the world. Working in China will prove to be a useful addition to my professional portfolio in the years to come.

China is a varied country, with people of many different ethnic groups and cultures living together. So far, China's economy has grown at a rapid pace, providing a great number of employment prospects and the country is the best place in which to establish a business. In addition, safety and security levels in China are high which makes it very comfortable to go about daily life.

(Dr. GOH Hui Hwang, who comes from Malaysia, is a professor at School of Electrical Engineering, Guangxi University.)

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