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  • Common Prosperity: Building a Well-off Rural Society

    Zhejiang province, designated to be a demonstration zone for common prosperity in China, is taking the lead in exploring the establishment of a better society, in which urban and rural development is balanced and a more high-quality development model is realized.

  • Qinghai's Efforts to Achieve Zero-carbon Goal

    In 2021, Qinghai province decided to build a zero-carbon industrial park in Haidong city, which has paved the way for the sustainable development of its new energy industry.

  • Innovation, Ecological Protection Prioritized in Jiangsu

    In recent years, China's Jiangsu province has comprehensively implemented new development concepts and built a new development pattern, where high-quality development has become its distinctive feature.

  • Innovative Youth Share a Future in Ningbo

    An initiative was launched to promote exchanges between young sci-tech experts of China and Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs), during the 2nd China-CEEC Forum for Young Science & Technology Talents in east China's Ningbo city on May 19.

  • Shanghai Sets Trends in High-end Industrial Development

    Shanghai, a pioneering city of high-quality development, is once again setting trends by creating a new industrial system through sci-tech innovation.

  • Qinghai's Hainan Prefecture: National Innovation Demo Zone

    Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China's Qinghai province has been designated as a national innovation demonstration zone for sustainable development in 2022, which is seen as a significant achievement and a new calling card for the prefecture.

  • Hefei Through the Lens of International Talents

    In recent years, a growing number of international talents like Lee have chosen to live in Hefei as they see the the city's potential. Hefei was also recognized as one of the most attractive cities in the eyes of foreign experts from 2019 to 2021, according to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

  • TCM Industry Gets Tech Boost

    Guangdong province, known for its strong tradition in developing the TCM industry, has achieved remarkable success in industrial scale and competitiveness, ranking among the top in China.

  • Hainan FTP Gathers Momentum

    The latest supportive move was made by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), to approve establishment of the National Tech Transfer Center in Hainan in 2022.

  • Beijing Rolls Out a Plan for Web 3.0 Innovation

    Beijing has unveiled a plan to encourage Web 3.0 innovation and support the development of core technologies in key areas, such as AI, blockchain, and high-performance computing chips.

Top News

  • The use of bow and arrow for hunting and warfare dates back to the Paleolithic period in many parts of the world. Thousands of years ago, the crossbow was then invented by Chinese on the basic bow design, expanding the use of mechanical and hand-held weapons, and revolutionizing the battlefield.

China, France to Deepen Sci-tech Cooperation

Wang Zhigang, minister of science and technology, said, "We hope this program will encourage more Chinese and French research teams to participate in sci-tech exchanges and cooperation, and encourage institutions to establish joint laboratories and other long-term cooperation platforms."

U. S. Sanctions Will Not Halt Rise of China's Chip Industry

U.S. chip export controls will not affect China's 30-year head start in nurturing its stockpile of rare earth metals, skilled chip designers and engineers, and thousands of indigenous suppliers.