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  • Innovation Drives Low- carbon Transformation

    Green and low-carbon economic transformation is the only way for countries to achieve sustainable development.

  • Chinese Scientific Research Ranks Among the Best

    The Nature Index Annual Tables 2022 Showed China's investment in research is resulting in sustained research output in the natural sciences.

  • BRICS Promotes Globalization in New Era

    This year, the member states gathered again in China to foster high-quality partnerships and pool their strength for global development.

  • Young Africans See China as Most Influential Country

    China has overtaken the U.S. and is now viewed as the most influential foreign country with a positive contribution in the eyes of African youth.

  • World Needs a Multilateral Trading System

    Ministers from Canada, Egypt, India and other countries expressed their support for a multilateral trading system during the WTO's 12th Ministerial Conference.

  • Starlink:Blurring the Civilian-Military Line

    UNESCO defines science as, "One of the most important channels of knowledge, which has a specific role, as well as a variety of functions, for the benefit of our society." But it seems that some countries have seldom followed this rule. During the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Starlink (satellites), a civil technology that aims to "benefit all humankind," is also being used in the war.

  • Japan Bypasses Science to Discharge Wastewater

    Japan's Nuclear Regulatory Authority approved Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) plan to release the diluted wastewater of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean in spring 2023.

  • BRICS: Multipolarity in Action

    More than 130 political party leaders, as well as representatives of think tanks and civil society organizations from 10 countries, participated in the BRICS forum online.

  • Attacking DZCP Is to Make Excuses for Western Failures

    Because of adopting a dynamic zero-COVID policy (DZCP), China can maintain a low infection rate and save thousands of lives. Meanwhile, the deadly virus has killed one million Americans. However, some so -called mainstream U.S. media forget to mention this fact when attacking DZCP and China. In their media reports, the policy was labeled as "unsustainable," "harm to the world economy," or even a "violation of human rights."

  • Loss Outweighs Gain as U.S. Curbs China's Photovoltaic Industry

    Even after the China-U.S. Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action in the 2020s, a declaration that ought to enhance environmental cooperation between two countries, U.S. suppression on China's new energy industry, especially the photovoltaic industry, is still not stopped.

  • Mateverse: Lower Your Expectations on Its Investments

    Since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook's morphing into Meta and its metaverse concept, the somewhat obscure new evolution of social connection has become very popular. Despite not being fully understood, many people are still willing to hop onto the investing bandwagon, believing it could be a lucrative opportunity to get rich quickly.

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  • China has made great progress in the promotion of science and technology information in the past decade, with improved infrastructure, innovative exhibition techniques and broader participation across society at large.

Key Issues Highlighted in BRICS Year of China

Key issues including poverty alleviation, sustainable development and people-to-people exchanges are highlights of China's work during its chairmanship.

Innovation Drives Low- carbon Transformation

Green and low-carbon economic transformation is the only way for countries to achieve sustainable development.