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Global Smart City Forum to Provide Solutions to Smart Cities Problems

Source: PRNewswire | 2024-01-31 08:06:02 | Author: PRNewswire

The Global Smart City Forum, to be held by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) on February 12 and 13 under the theme "A Better Life" at the Riyadh Arena, will provide innovative digital solutions to address the manifestation of visual distortions, road congestions, and effective urban planning, to achieve the highest level of development in cities.

The forum, which gathers 80 global and local data-expert speakers, AI, digital solutions and smart city engineers, and economic policymakers from 40 countries, seeks to contribute to enriching all aspects of life in smart cities, and create an environment that encourages investment and tourism.

It is the first Global Smart City Forum to be organized in the Kingdom. It aims to shape an ambitious vision for the future of cities with the use of smart solutions and draw up bases that support development plans that achieve sustainable urban development, said SDAIA in a press release.

It also aims encouraging governments around the world to adopt smart solutions that contribute to increasing efficiency, environment sustainability and quality of life for the residents of these cities.

The forum aspires to build a global smart city platform in Riyadh, where the world's best smart city building and artificial intelligence experts meet for discussions on topics related to the future of global cities and of urban mobility, to smart public services, to planning for the construction of environmentally friendly cities in the next century, to data-driven smart cities, and innovation.


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