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Guanren Community Makes Expats Feel at Home

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-12-29 10:43:12 | Author: Staff Reporters

Expats share their perspectives on living and working in Xiamen at the event.
(PHOTO: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology)

By Staff Reporters

On December 17, the Guanren Community Branch of the Xiamen Service Center for Foreign experts hosted an event focused on enhancing international community services for foreign experts currently living in China.

A number of expats shared their perspectives on working and living in this city and participating in community service at the event. Expats applauded the role of the Guanren community in facilitating their integration into China and its culture.

Raymond Mitchel, a teacher at Manila Xiamen International School, is working on a project to improve children's mental health during the pandemic. The Guanren community has provided him with a place to make his goal a reality. "I am extremely grateful to the community and the service center for their assistance and targeted services," he said, adding that it is a tremendous help in moving his project forward.

Uwe, a German artist, arrived in Xiamen to work eight years ago. Now having his own business, he has long regarded Xiamen as his home for many years. "I hope Xiamen will continue to improve, and we are eager to play our [part by using our] strengths and contribute to this beautiful city." Together with his friends, he has established a social networking platform to provide more international professionals with up -to-date information about living and working in China.

The general manager of the Marco Polo Xiamen, a Frenchman named Jean-Philippe Jacopin, appreciated the service center for their support over the years and noted that he would collaborate with his team and peers to carry out some charitable projects.

At the same time, expats shared their constructive suggestions for enhancing the guidebook for foreign experts in Xiamen and pledged to make full use of their own experiences and perspectives to promote the internationalization of Xiamen.

Throughout the past year, the Guanren community has made steady efforts to assist foreigners in living more comfortably in Xiamen. It has conducted a series of themed activities to improve the cultural integration and communication between foreign families and local people.


Source: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology

Editor: 毕炜梓

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